This site is the creation of Mr. Gary S. Dykes. It

is an effort to reach out to other believers, to

encourage and edify them. It is built upon the

conviction that simplicity is best, to quote his late father:


"I like to keep it simple." - John Dykes 1926 - 2002


Consequently, NO Java and Active X is used, although

several audio files may be JAVA enabled, they are

tested and found to be safe.

nor are frames incorporated. A consistent style

is hopefully maintained; which he trust makes

navigating and using this site, EASY and ENJOYABLE!

the object - to encourage others to study God's

written Word.


AS OF 2014 Mr. Dykes's new email address is:


(substitute the proper symbol for the AT)


This site is supported by Mr. Dykes' own limited

income, prayer, and his wife's encouragement

(Gale, who is also a precious sister-in-Christ).

This site is in no way tax deductible, nor associated with

any churches (other than the Body of Christ),

religions, or institutions.


portions of this site are copyrighted by:

Mr. Gary S. Dykes © 2006


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