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God separates His peoples from others. He also divides the ages into specific periods.

God is unchanging, but He has made clear His evolving plans in His written Word!

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Paul's Gospel -- the famous tract reproduced

SIZE: 138,414 bytes ---- CONTAINS 7 pages (PDF)

author: William R. Newell

I believe the original tract was produced in the late 1930s, it is from one of Newell's books. Gospel Tract Distributors, of Portland Oregon in the 1980s, reproduced it. Makes a brief case for a dispensational stance of the Scriptures!!



Notes on the History of Dispensationalism in America

SIZE: 2.1 MB - - - CONTAINS 23 pages - - - PDF format

AUTHOR: Mr. Gary S. Dykes - corrected edition

Supplements other publications with much needed information. Gives needed credit to early American thinkers! This work has also been graciously published by  Pilkington and Sons, available on Amazon and elsewhere. (And here).



The Bride and the Church

SIZE: 1.6 MB - - - CONTAINS 35 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

A hopefully clear presentation of the distinction existing between the so-called "bride of Christ" (i.e. the Bride of the Lamb) and the Body of Christ church, its heavenly and earthly portions. Should correct some popular misunderstandings, and whet one's appetite for further study! Preformatted for 6x9 publications.

PDF title: Bride_Israel.pdf



The Audience of the Jewish Apostles: John, James and Peter

SIZE: about 653,000 bytes [small!] ---- CONTAINS 19 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Losing interest in your Bible study? Read this and be highly stimulated. To date, no one has effectively countered the truth as presented here! This will alter you! The format of this document is difficult to alter, but I made a correction. [2016]



A simple, single page color chart displaying the basic dispensations! When teaching about or discussing the dispensations, this chart nicely illustrates the basics. Click on thumbnail to view, download, print et al. Fits in a 8.5 x 11 landscape format.





A simple, single page color chart illustrating the "times of the Gentiles". This visual helps make the time period(s) easier to grasp. Click on thumbnail to view, download, print et al. Fits in a 8.5 x 11 landscape format.



TITLE: MOSES AND PAUL, the Dispensers of Law and Grace

SIZE: 249,175 bytes - - - 31 pages - - - PDF format

AUTHOR: Cornelius Stam

DATE: 1956

This digital copy brings to more readers this excellent work by the late Cornelius Stam. Stam compares the ministries of the two GREATEST human ministers in the BIBLE, Moses - Law, and Paul - grace. Stam illuminates the incredible similarities and types seen in both their ministries. An example of clear insight into the Word, with emphasis upon the UNITY of Scripture. Very educational, and very easy to understand.

Print out this copy and present one to your pastor, your entire congregation (or family, et al) will thank you!



The Evolution of Paul's Theology

SIZE: 2.2 MB - - - - - 22 pages --- PDF format

AUTHOR: Mr. Gary Dykes

After Paul's experience on the road to Damascus, he received more revelations concerning his ministry and understanding. Thus one sees Paul growing and adding more insight to his efforts. Some folks see these "growth" changes as contradictions. NOT SO. Read Paul's epistles in their chronological order, and the contradictions vanish. ENJOY.




SIZE: 29,059 bytes ---- CONTAINS 2 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Simple reflections generated from just reading this chapter. Yet, in my days as a Bible teacher, I found most folks missed these important observations! Very brief, but sufficient!



Why was Jesus Christ Baptized [in water]?

SIZE: 69,538 bytes ---- CONTAINS 9 pages (PDF)

author: the late Pastor Otis Wasson

From the folks at Grace Gospel Fellowship comes this top-notch essay. The best I've seen on the subject!


On the Heavenly Calling and the Mystery

SIZE: 1.4 MB ---- CONTAINS 37 pages (PDF)

author: George V. Wigram

From a periodical (THE PRESENT TESTIMONY, vol 1) dated 1849, comes a great article by a member of the Plymouth Brethern, Wigram. Here we see a fine description of early dispensational beliefs (partial dispensationalism). This is a scanned copy!



Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth - author: H. A. Ironside

SIZE: 137,177 --- CONTAINS 54 pages (PDF)

J. C. O'Hair Defends (against Ironside - above)

SIZE: 134,513 bytes --- CONTAINS 31 pages (PDF)

Good stuff the two above files. But best read by those who have a rather sound comprehension of things "Dispensational". For specialists!

The Pauline Revelations and Their Old Testament Connections

SIZE: 244,382 bytes ----CONTAINS 50 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

The title says it all!  Dispensations Dispensation Dispensational study Bible



Luke and Paul

SIZE: 125,348 bytes --- CONTAINS 9 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Luke and Paul, two men with different callings, two men with different talents, and two men with one goal. Nevertheless, Paul and Luke had different writing ministries! They preached the same gospel, but one was also a historian. Helps students understand the transitional nature of Acts!



What Is/Was Paul's Gospel

SIZE: ~ 108,000 bytes --- CONTAINS 16 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Is Paul's gospel distinct? Is the gospel you preach the correct gospel for today? Are there "different" gospels? (In Galatians, Paul warns that there are different gospels)! An easy to understand essay which addresses these issues. One might also enjoy "Luke and Paul" above!



The Church Extraordinary, "The Body of Christ"

SIZE: 466,122 bytes ---- CONTAINS 17 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

The church of this dispensation is the heavenly Body of Christ church, of which Paul teaches. This essay departs from some typical dispensational positions, and reveals my own insights, original and composed with mucho love and a hope.


Peter's Last Days and Paul's Last Days

author: Dee L. McCroskey

clicking on link above, takes you to a page (on this site) with two of the late McCroskey's articles. From the Last Day Messenger, publication. Removes some confusion when one reads of these two "last days" or end-times. They are NOT the same time periods!