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Opinion of Variants and Textual Criticism.

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Paleographical Dating of P-46

SIZE: 99,551 bytes ---- CONTAINS 11 pages (PDF)

author: Dr. Bruce Griffin

This is the paper delivered to the 1996 SBL meeting in New Orleans, which strongly opposes Kim's early dating of papyrus P46. Griffin shines herein! Dr. Griffin's email address is: [replace the AT with the @ symbol].



The Doctrine of Inerrancy and the Manuscript Variants

SIZE: 75,747 bytes ---- CONTAINS 10 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

An appendix from Mr. Dykes' abandoned effort on First Corinthians. Instead of avoiding the reality of variants, I suggest believers USE them. Good reading.

9 Yale



LISTS of EXTANT NT Manuscripts

This link is much more current - to 2020, can access other MSS as well

from this link below: copy and paste into your browser.


For the Oxyrhynchus papyri note this link:

Can search and view the Oxy MSS from volume 15 to vol. 82!!






The Date of, and Notes Upon Papyrus, P123

SIZE: about 2.8 MB - - - CONTAINS 15 pages, PDF format

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

An important correction to the published reconstruction of this NT papyrus (contains I Cor. 14:31-34, and I Cor. 15:3-6). Professor J. D. Thomas made some clear and unmistakable errors. A detailed and educational exposition. Includes several images. Also a reply from Thomas is included, with updates planned. [D. C. Parker, and the edition's editors may also have contributed to the discovered errors].

LINK to color images:

P.Oxy.LXXII 4844 - - from Papyrology at Oxford's "POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online".

To view a larger image of Mr. Dykes' reconstruction click on this thumbnail:



A Re-Examination of Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus

contains 6 images (sharp and printable)

Extracted from: New Testament Studies circa 1958. A portion of R. W. Lyon's corrections to C. Tischendorf's collation/transcription of Codex 04. These 6 images show the essential corrections for the New Testament.






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