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ONE SCRIBE - THREE MSS., 124, 326 and 1837

I get the credit for this discovery!



In the PDF paper (below) it is seen that Mr. Gary Dykes was the first scholar to indicate that many of the distigmai in Codex Vaticanus (03) suggest/indicate variants seen only in the Byzantine text-type. I made this discovery in 2006, a year before Payne, Canart and P. Head saw the light. As usual no credit is given, I am easy to overlook. In 2006, "umlaut" was the designation for many of these "double-dots".

The Primacy of Family 35

Family 35 is a group of minuscules which are clearly a close-knit family, as their agreements and variations reveal. In 2007 the German Bible Society published: The Gospel According to John in the Byzantine Tradition.  In which publication they used minuscule 35 as their base text. Sometime  before 2015, Wilbur Pickering declared minuscule 35 as the lead minuscule in the "Family 35" - and that this family represented the closest thing we have to the ORIGINAL text of the Greek New Testament! He has published a beautiful New Testament, which contains the results of his years of research. He also published a PDF file in which he defends his claims. The PDF file is here, below.

Pickerings_Defense.pdf - 38 pages

As a side note, family 35 consists of the following minuscules:

141, 170, 204, 394, 402, 516 (corr), 521, 553, 660 (corr), 758 (prima manu), 769, 797, 928, 1250, 1482, 1487, 1493, 1559, 1572, 1600, 1694 (prima manu), 2204, 2261, and 2554.
per Wikipedia. [additionally I note minuscules, 18, 35, 201, 386, 444, 824, 986, 1072, 1075, 1100, 1249, 1482, 1503, 1548, 1617, 1732, 1761, 1855, 1864, 1865, 1876, 1897, 2080,  2352, 2466, 2587, 2723 - which data is seen in his Greek New Testament].
His magnificent Greek New Testament can be found on Amazon:

The Greek New Testament According to Family 35: Pickering ThM PhD, Wilbur N.: 9780989827379: Books
Many more Greek minuscules are clarified in the above work, family 35 is big [perhaps as many as 245 mss]! This NT is beautifully laid out, nice font, nice margins, nice paper. A steal at $30.00. His apparatus is unique, different, yet quite useful. Illuminates a large number of variations.

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