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Of course not all types of hobbies are recommended for Christians. Just as

not all movies are recommended, so caution must be exercised in choosing a hobby.

One danger, is for the hobby ITSELF becoming an idol. It becomes an idol

when it continually interrupts your daily service to God. When utilized properly, [continued below table]

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Baht Birr Farthing Ghirsh Centavo pesos Korona crown florinRupiah Thebe Shilling sen marlk Lira Sucres Rupee won Xu Su Escudo Cuhaj bullion



Specific Gravity Charts for Common World Coins

A 12 page PDF file, prints in landscape.

Created by: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (digital size - small!)


data forthcoming.


ALUMINUM-BRONZE Coins, Basic Data and A Brief History

A 7 page PDF file. Has several images, one of which is in color. Simply click to view, download

and or print. It is, as always - free.

Complied by: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (digital size ~ 400Kb, small)


Refer to Several Other Sections on This WEBSITE for more photographic informatiom




A 31 page PDF file. Amply illustrated. I suggest a standard for grading the steps on Monticello on the reverse of Jefferson nickel coins. The file should be viewed in color or printed in color.

Created by: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (digital size ~ 12 MB, file name is:

The_steps_review.pdf )

Schlag full step nickels, FS FS6 FS5, coins Adolf Weiss Nagengast CONECA Rich and Sue Sisti Fivaz SEGS ANACS NGC PCGS grading grades Monticello Thomas Jefferson Greek architecture 6-6-6-6


Notes on the (Old) Franklin Mint

An illustrated 11 page PDF file

Created by: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (digital size ~ 8 MB)




Save time, and use hopefully my trusted advice and find reliable information below, I have personally tested and used each site:

Great sites for beginners to expert coin collectors. Sites for beginners are listed first at the top, expert sites on the bottom --copy and paste the URL into your browser bar to travel to that site, consider joining the Amercian Numismatic Association, (ANA) they have great resources for all levels of coin collectors:

FIRST, Books and supplies, from one of the best dealers in the world, books on US coins, coin albums, coin holders, books on world coins, etc...


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Some sharp students pointed out this great site!!


BELOW is The ANA website:


Below, it the BEST site for finding the value of most coins (US and World):


A very nice Directory of Numismatic sites, below:


Below is a site to list ALL of your world coins, FREE, it is also listed in the above Directory:


A trusted and recommended site for buying gold and all sorts of silver, below:


Below, a URL to a nice world coin, tokens, medals, paper money, etc., picture guide, illustrated:


Error coin sales/offers:


A forum for communicating with other collectors, FUN, and a great place to get questions answered, filled with very knowledgable folks, and including young numismatists:


and finally, one of the better sites for SELLING your coins and for finding coins to BUY (besides EBAY):







a hobby, itself, can be used to help others to look to the Lord Jesus Christ. A hobby should

be a means of relaxing, and reducing the stress of daily living, along with Bible study. A hobby can help keep

your gray cells active, promote exercise, to educate and assist yourself and others around you. Hobbies

can also be used to combat depression and to add interest to our brief lives on this doomed planet.

Even in the realm of coin (and stamp) collecting, the collector can direct the observer's

mind to the gospel. There are many coins which can and do suggest Biblical topics and

personages. [As an aside, I intentionally avoid: gold, platinum and most silver

coins, I prefer the common metals!]. Remember to ENJOY your hobby, do not let it become some

sort of a stressfull entity, and remember to "cover" your collecting with prayer. Above are several

types of hobbies which I have enjoyed over the years.

Today, I do very little photography and collect very few minerals, but

I still enjoy building my coin collection (to pass on to my heirs). Coin collecting (ie numismatics) is a very

wholesome hobby, it can really help to keep young minds "on the straight and narrow"!!! Rock and mineral

collecting can be very healthful, physically, especially if lugging 60 pounds of rocks

up a steep trail. Photography can also be healthful, physically as one must walk and hike to find

your targets (for me it was rare wildflowers). Today, I photograph coins.

Other HOBBIES which can be healthy for Christians: astronomy, stamp collecting,

collecting dolls, china, writing books and papers, collecting books, building computers, restoring

an old car, designing clothes.... et cetera. If you are a parent, carefully consider the path you choose for

your child (children). My father (earthly father) set me on the path to coin collecting over 60 years ago,

it was a very wise choice! As a 7 year old boy, I really enjoyed going through rolls of pennies,

and then putting them into holes on a collection board/album. (An inexpensive way to start).

[ps -- I still have those very pennies]